Changing Lives Through Science

My name is Simi Odusanya, and I recently graduated this past May from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with my Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology. My interest in helping the underprivileged stems from a place of compassion for people who lack appropriate healthcare. This has further developed with every experience I have encountered in and as a part of these populations. Experiencing firsthand the effects of incompetent healthcare has instilled in me a desire to help, serve, and to implement change.

Currently, I have been shadowing doctors every summer for the past four years in Nigeria. During these summers, I assisted doctors and nurses with taking vitals, maintaining sanitary conditions, and providing community health education.
My favorite things to do are reading and cooking. Fun fact: I hope to open up my own restaurant one day.
I look forward to moving to Chicago but more importantly, I look forward to assisting the Chicago community with basic health care and education needs.

This blog post was written by NHC Chicago 2017-18 member Simi Odusanya.

Simi is a Benefits Outreach Coordinator at Chicago Public Schools, Office of Student Health and Wellness.