Hello, my name is Gabriela Munoz. I recently graduated this past May from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work degree. I had many reasons for committing to a year a service. In the future I plan on continuing my education to become a medical social worker. I highly value the experiences I’ve had as a volunteer and intern at non profit organizations in the past. I believe this year of service at Respiratory Health Association will allow me to learn more about the health inequities the residents of Chicago encounter and ways to better serve them. I am most looking forward to learning about asthma and how to present asthma management information in particular to youth. In my spare time I enjoy being outside and attending different events throughout the city. Even though I have lived in Chicago my entire life there is always something new to do or a place I have never visited before. When I am not out and about I like to watch movies (romantic comedy, indie, and horror movies are my favorite!) or cook.

This blog was written by 2018-19 member Gabriela Munoz.

Gabriela serves as a Health Educator at Respiratory Health Association.