A Glimpse into Member Training Days

Member Training Days give us NHC AmeriCorps members a chance to regroup and catch up as we begin each month of service. Through a mix of guest presentations, energizing team-building activities, and interactive workshops, we reflect on our community contributions and develop skills to become better leaders in healthcare.

Every month, we share positivity with one another through “sugar cubes,” uplifting notes placed anonymously in Corps members’ decorated bags.

Energizing our morning with a balloon-tossing team-building task

Corps Support Committee celebrates every birthday with truly one-of-a-kind cards

Spreading love to others (and giving some to ourselves!) with a reflective letter-writing activity

Getting crafty during a photoshoot to reach prospective members

Creating pictures for social media content 

It’s easy to see why we look forward to Member Training Days in NHC Florida!!