Growing Together: Social Life within the National Health Corps

A great philosopher once said, “work hard, play hard.” These famous words by Wiz Khalifa continue to inspire the members of the National Health Corps Florida, and we try to live by his teaching. After long days of service at our host sites, we go on group outings to rewind, relax, and recharge.

Our corps consists of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, hobbies, and interests. To make sure that everyone feels included, we plan different excursions with something that appeals to each and every person in our group, ranging from physical activities such as beach volleyball and tennis to relaxing events such as art shows and potluck dinners.

On the weekends, NHC members take full advantage of the many local attractions, including the endless beaches, scenic hiking trails and kayaking spots, monthly art walks, Jaguars games, exciting carnivals, peaceful camping grounds, etc… During longer breaks, we organize mini-vacations to nearby tourist attractions, including visits to the historic sites of St. Augustine and the bustling hub of Miami Beach. Through networking, carpooling, and researching for promotional deals, NHC members are able to experience a wide range of activities, even on a limited AmeriCorps stipend. 

The NHC program further encourages member bonding by creating and funding the Corps Support Committee. This committee consists of NHC members who plan social events for all of us using their committee budget. Just this year, they’ve organized a haunted horror movie night, a visit to see the Christmas lights at St. Augustine, murder mystery night, and a nostalgia potluck for which we prepared and brought food from our childhood.

These events were both extremely fun and insightful, because they have allowed us to better understand each others’ culture, values, passion, sense of humor, quirks, and beliefs. Our greater interconnectedness has shaped us into more well-rounded individuals and helped us grow closer as a team.  





This blog post was written by NHC FL AmeriCorps member, Gaibo Yan.

Gaibo serves at I.M. Sulzbacher Center as a Patient Navigator.