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The NHC AmeriCorps Program Provides:

Experience in the public health field, then the National Health Corps (NHC) program is a great option for you. Around this time last year, I had graduated from my university’s public health program and was finishing up a summer internship under the supervision of two professors from my major’s department, and the question “What’s next?” was weighing heavy on my mind. Many of the positions that I found through various search engines and applied for wanted more experience, and I too wanted a change in my environment. Needless to say, through talking with my peers and looking up ideas for ways to learn more about my field of choice, I came across the National Health Corps Florida program and decided to apply.

The 10 ½ months that I have served with AmeriCorps have been a time of remarkable professional development. As the Outreach Coordinator for a maternal and child health non-profit organization, I was able to meet different women and families in order to link them to educational, community, and social resources. I was exposed to populations that I likely never would have met had I not joined this particular AmeriCorps program. Not only did I gain insight in the area of public health through my role as a host site member, but also through various group service projects, trainings and conferences. The NHC program is not only about what you can do for the community that you are serving, but also about how you can grow professionally. As a member of the program, you have numerous opportunities to attend trainings, shadow with organizations that are of interest to you, and more.

Personal growth, I guarantee you that you will grow! In fact, you will probably grow  more than you realize as you are going through the program. Between dedicating a year to national service, interacting with vulnerable populations, and surrounding yourself with people who are passionate about helping others, it is difficult not to experience personal growth. I feel as though the time I have spent as an NHC member has made me more patient, compassionate, and understanding. That is not to say that I was oblivious to the barriers that exist to healthcare access before, but that I have seen it more directly as an AmeriCorps member. As a result of my service term, I have a much greater appreciation for volunteerism and direct service. I realize now, more than ever, that having a career that makes a meaningful impact on the lives of others is gravely important to me.

Meaningful relationships, look no further. I have met so many kind and wonderful
people throughout my service term and am so very grateful for the friendships I have formed. We have celebrated birthdays and holidays together, waited in lines for newly-released movies, traveled together, all while creating countless memories. Knowing that I have friendships that will endure after AmeriCorps is just an added bonus to an already incredible year.





This blog post was written by NHC FL member Rejoice Asomugha

Rejoice served at the NEFHSC as an Outreach Coordinator.