My Year with NHC Florida, a Photo Tour









Day 1, surrounded by strangers that would soon become friends! 












I conquered my fears very early on here, with a ropes course at PSO!











The beautiful Jacksonville pier, I loved spending sunny afternoons at the beach during my service term












I experienced my first football game!












I spent many a weekend searching for new and interesting wildlife! Seen here, an unsuccessful hunt for an alligator. 












 I love seeing live music, and Jacksonville provided me many opportunities to see some great bands! 













Celebrating the holidays in St. Augustine with lots of laughs! 













The Service Project Committee and I planned a successful MLK day health fair at a local school! 













Cheering on some of our more athletic members! 












Attended multiple trainings which expanded my knowledge of a wide variety of health topics. 











During my time in Jacksonville I tried to get out and explore as much of Florida as possible.  Here I am at Miami beach on a road trip to South Florida! 












On that same road trip we had the opportunity to camp and explore the beauty of the everglades (and I finally saw an alligator, or 50!). 












Another road trip brought me to these beautiful springs, what a way to spend Earth Day! 











St. Augustine Beach, a beautiful retreat to get away from city life.












The amazing view from the Main St. Bridge.  It’s views like this that I’m really going to miss about Jacksonville!



















I got to spend my 23rd birthday in Savannah, GA.  This picture was at Driftwood Beach, a pit stop along the way! 

I have seen so many amazing things and met so many amazing people during my time in Jacksonville with the National Health Corps.  I cannot wait for the next chapter of my life, but I know that I will always look back on this year and these memories fondly.