Rebecca Miller

"This will be my second year serving with AmeriCorps. I found that AmeriCorps offers great experience for young adults trying to discover a best suited career."

Hometown: Aptos, California

Educational background: B.S. Anthropology and Geography

Host Site: Barnabas

What is your title and role at your host site?
I will be serving as the Care Coordinator at the Barnabas Health Clinic in Fernandina Beach. The Barnabas Health Clinic addresses residents in Nassau County that are 200% or below the poverty line by providing medical care, dental care, behavioral health, crisis assistance, and a food pantry. My main responsibility will be
meeting with medical patients in our primary care program to provide them with discharge planning and follow
up care after I have met with our providers.

Why did you join the National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program?
This will be my second year serving with AmeriCorps. I found that AmeriCorps offers great experience for young adults trying to discover a best suited career. With my previous service term, I was on the Emergency Response Team based in St. Louis, Missouri. During this year, I enjoyed serving survivors in US communities
that were affected by natural disasters. Being deployed to three disasters, I became impressed and fascinated with the culture surrounding disaster response and relief. People from all over the nation offered donations, physical labor, shelter, food, medical services, etc. The overwhelming compassion sparked my interest to continue serving people in crisis. My goal is to gain professional and academic experience in the healthcare field so that I can apply these new skills and reach a higher potential to provide the appropriate services and help people experiencing trauma or health concerns. The National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program looked like an opportunity for me to begin this dream.

What are you hoping to gain from your year of service?
During this year of service, I am looking to gain as much experience identifying the diverse needs of the patients I will be serving. The more exposure I have helping people with different health needs the better I will come to understand how to contribute to the communities that I engage with. I think in order to understand someone’s physical health it’s important to understand their behavioral and mental health. This year, for me, is to understand the many ways that humans heal their bodies, and I am so excited to be a part of the healing process.

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?
After AmeriCorps, I will continue going in the direction that my light guides me. My most recent inspired ideas have been to take all the appropriate prerequisites in the next year to start applying for Physician Assistant Graduate programs for 2019. I really enjoy the idea of getting involved with medicine some how. Aside from
the professional part of my life, I will continue exploring different cultures and countries, running and exercising, learn new languages, meet more people and hear their stories, and live in the present moment.

Where do you envision yourself in 5 years?
If you asked me this question yesterday, I might have said something like a high school counselor, Human Resources of a company, member of a Disaster Rescue and Relief team, or teacher. If you ask me this question ten minutes after reading this response, my answer might have completely changed. The reality is that there isn’t much that I’m not interested in. However, more serious thoughts are to go to graduate school to be a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner. I am most inspired and motivated when I am empowering other people to take on challenges that are important to them. Whenever I can do this, I am fulfilled.

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