AmeriCorps Turns 20!

“Today we are taking a stand in this country for the proposition that if we challenge people to serve and we give them a chance to fulfill their abilities, more and more and more we will all understand that we must go forward together. This is the profoundest lesson of this whole endeavor. And it will be the great legacy of the wonderful people who make it come alive.” – President Bill Clinton, on the signing of the National Community Service and Trust Act of 1993, September 21, 1993

It has been 20 years since President Clinton signed the bill that created AmeriCorps and put into action the ideal that service can be a solution for many of the challenges facing our country.  During the last 20 years, over 820,000 AmeriCorps members have contributed more than 1 billion hours of service that have made a difference in the lives of Americans. The National Health Corp, one of the first AmeriCorps programs created, is thrilled to join AmeriCorps in celebrating its 20th Birthday.

To learn more about AmeriCorps go to, and check out the 20th Anniversary festivities here.

Members from all four operating sites celebrate AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary.

Members from all four operating sites join in on the AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary celebration!