Mireya Avila


Educational Background
B.A. in Politics from University of California Santa Cruz

Why did you join NHC?
I joined the National Health Corp because I was excited to work with an organization that understands the social determinants of health and uses that to provide community-based care. I wanted to have a meaningful experience in seeing how public health practices are implemented in underserved communities.

What are your plans after NHC?
Honestly, who knows. Probably a Master's in Public Health down the line, but for now I'm using this year to think about the possibilities.

What sparked your interest in community service?
I've truly enjoyed community service projects since middle school. I think it comes from my own parents' commitment to sharing their time and skills with the community. In high school, I joined several service clubs to seek out my own project opportunities. 

What excites you the most about serving in Philadelphia?
Exploring all the different neighborhoods!

What is your favorite food?
Manila Mangoes

Home Town:
San Jose, California
Host Site: