Member Spotlight: Johnna Kayser

Name: Johnna Kayser   

From: Youngstown, Ohio

How you got involved in AmeriCorps this year: I completed an internship with AmeriCorps/ComCorps in Athens, Ohio as part of my Community Health Services degree. It was interesting to see the inter-workings of the program and what members were accomplishing. I wanted to be a part of the community change and capacity building that was being accomplished through members.

What you are doing at your site: I currently serve as the Patient Support Specialist at the Squirrel Hill Health Center. Three days per week I am out on our mobile medical unit providing patient services to different populations in Pittsburgh communities. I set up referral appointments to various specialists, perform TB case management, and provide health education presentations for community organizations.

How your AmeriCorps experience impacted your career path: My experience has reaffirmed my love for public health and health education. After AmeriCorps, I am certain that I want to have a career in public health. I really enjoy health education, there are many fun ways to teach people and facilitate interactive conversations. 

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining AmeriCorps?:  AmeriCorps is a great opportunity to find your way as an individual and as a growing professional. You are able to utilize skills, strengthen existing ones, and find new ones. There is opportunity to interact with different populations and connect with organizations. There are some amazing people and organizations within communities providing impactful services. Members gain hands on experience that will be applicable to future endeavours in public health and beyond.