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Pittsburgh Named Most Livable City in the U.S...AGAIN!

"Pittsburgh has been named the “most livable city” six times since 2000 by The Economist, Forbes and Places Rated Almanac. It also has landed on more than 200 “best” lists including “40 Prettiest Cities in the World”.


Our new members flying high at Camp Guysuta's rope course during our pre-service orientation!


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National Health Corps Pittsburgh Blog

"A Thanksgiving Distribution is an annual event organized by the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh Clinical & Translational Science Institute. This year, the event took place on Saturday, November 18 and provided 700 families from southwest Pennsylvania with the ingredients needed to prepare a Thanksgiving meal. The event also held a Health and Human Services Village where families could receive health screenings and information from various human services organizations including Center for Victims, Tobacco Free Allegheny, and Mission Vision. 450 volunteers, vendors, and staff members helped make the event a success."
Date of Publication: 12/07/2017
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"I recently contacted the father of an adolescent patient who was overdue for a wellness examination at the Squirrel Hill Health Center (SHHC). I was attempting to schedule the patient for an appointment, but was met with a few obstacles as the father grew frustrated, largely due to the language and cultural barriers between us. The patient’s father was non-English speaking, and we were communicating through an interpreter. In our exchanges, there were numerous words in the English language that did not directly translate to the father’s language, which made the process all the more challenging. As our struggles with communication continued, I took a moment to step back and reflect on the situation and soon realized the father was simply trying to do something that I often take for granted, which was to obtain the best possible health care for his child."
Date of Publication: 12/05/2017
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"We have had many great training together as National Health Corps members, but one in particular really fostered our togetherness as a group as well as our connection with those we serve. Mario Browne, the director of the Office of Health Sciences Diversity at the University of Pittsburgh, was scheduled to talk about cultural competency and awareness. I anticipated his training to be straight-forward and lecture-style as that is how most training goes. I was pleasantly surprised when he sat down in the circle with us and became a part of our group."
Date of Publication: 11/15/2017
Author: Rebecca.Russell
by Dhruv Kohli "Our relationship with food is a particularly interesting but often confounding one. Food plays such a central role in our health, culture, and society, yet we distance ourselves from its production and preparation."
Date of Publication: 11/02/2017
Author: Rebecca.Russell
by Jack Hayes "As the patient navigator, I assisted the patient with making an appointment and printed out a map and a bus schedule. A few days later, the patient came back into Birmingham, and he excitedly ran up to me to reflect on his his experience at the Positive Clinic. He was ecstatic that a multidisciplinary group of providers was able to give him such holistic care. He began to express his happiness with his new care and his gratitude for the Birmingham Clinic for assisting him in the process."
Date of Publication: 10/26/2017
Author: Rebecca.Russell

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